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You can try out all of BurnQuick's features by downloading and installing our special evaluation version. The time-limited evaluation version of BurnQuick has all of the same features as the full version BurnQuick, but it will stop functioning 15 days after you install it. We recommend that you download the evaluation version to check for compatibility with your particular computer, OS, and CD hardware.

Download and Installation Instructions
If you are unfamiliar with downloading and installing software from the Internet, we recommend that you print out this page for reference before you begin. These instructions direct you to save the installation file on your Window's desktop. We recommend this so that you will always have the installation program on hand if you need to re-install at a later date. Some browsers will allow you to install the program directly from the Internet. While we do not encourage this, you may do so if you wish.

  1. Click on the Start Download... link below to open the File Download window. During periods of peak Internet activity it may take several seconds, after you click, for the File Download window to open. Please be patient.
  2. The File Download window will open and ask you what you would like to do with the file that you are downloading. Please select the "Save" option (The actual contents of this window will depend on the browser that you are using. In Internet Explorer 6 you would click on the button labeled Save, in Firefox, you'd select the "Save to Disk" option and then click on the button labeled Ok ). 
  3. The next screen that you see will also depend on your browser. Some browsers will let you select a location to which to save the file and some browsers will automatically save the file to a pre-determined location. We recommend that, if given a choice, you always save the installation file to your Windows Desktop. Make a mental note of your "Save Location". 
  4. When the file is completely transferred (3 to 8 minutes on a 56K modem) a Security Warning window may open. Click on Yes to proceed.
  5. Open your "Save Location" (from step 3). If you saved the file to your Windows Desktop, simply minimize (or close) all windows so that you can see your Window's desktop. Locate the program item called, burnquickeval.exe, and open it (either double-click the item or right-click and select Open from the pop-up menu).
  6. The setup program will open and the installation will begin. Follow the instructions in the installation program to complete the installation.
  7. The installation program may have instructed you to restart your computer. If it did, now is the time to do so.
  8. The installer will have created a BurnQuick folder in your Programs folder on your start menu. This folder contains a shortcut to the program, a link to the Help file, and a link to the Uninstall program.
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