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Is BurnQuick difficult to use?
BurnQuick was designed to be very simple to use but your comfort level with computers will always be a factor. We offer the free trial version so that potential customers can evaluate its ease-of-use for themselves.  Click HERE to see  what our users say.

What are the minimum system requirements?
You will need a computer running Windows and a compatible CD-R or CD-RW burner.

What are the limitations of my evaluation copy of BurnQuick?
The 15-day free trial of BurnQuick has ALL of the features of the full version. The only difference is that the trial version will stop working 15 days after you install it. 

Can I burn more than audio CDs with BurnQuick?
Yes. BurnQuick combines both Data and Audio CD Burning into one easy to use program. BurnQuick has a built-in CD copier that will copy both Audio and Data CDs.

Can I copy an Encrypted DVD or a Copy Protected CD with BurnQuick?
No. BurnQuick will not decrypt Encrypted CDs (almost all commercially released DVDs are encrypted) nor will it copy Protected CD-ROMS (many game discs are protected)

How do I write data to a DVD?
Data is written to a DVD exactly as data is written to a CD, just more of it can be written. When BurnQuick asks for a writable disc, just insert a writable DVD and click OK.

What audio file formats does BurnQuick support?
BurnQuick will burn any of your 44.1, 16bit, stereo WAV files and MPEG 1,2, and 3 compliant files. BurnQuick will also extract the audio tracks from an Audio CD if you select the corresponding CDA files.

Is there online help available for BurnQuick?
BurnQuick includes a built in help file that can be accessed by pressing the F1 key from within the BurnQuick interface. If you are a BurnQuick owner, you receive 1 year of free support with your purchase.

If I buy BurnQuick now, will I have to pay for upgrades?
With your purchase of BurnQuick you will receive 1 year of free upgrades. After one year you may purchase continuing support. Upgrades include new features and support for new CD writers.

What CD Burners is BurnQuick compatible with?
To view a list of compatible CDROM writers, check our list of compatible CD-ROM writers on the compatibility page.

What is the BurnQuick Queue option for?
The BurnQuick queue option was designed to allow you to add files from multiple locations on your hard drive and sort the playing order of your audio files. Simply select the files you wish to burn, and select the item "Add selection to Queue", under the BurnQuick menu item. When you are ready to burn your CD, select the option "View Queue". Hold down your left mouse button on any file to drag it to a new place in the list.

I have selected my files in the order that I wanted, but when I send them to the BurnQuick Queue or burn them to CD, they appear in a different order. Why?
BurnQuick (and the BurnQuick Queue) receive a list of files from the Windows operating system in an order determined by the the file in your selection on which you right-clicked. So, to add your files to the Queue (or to send them to BurnQuick) and preserve their specific order, you should right-click on the top most file you have selected. This behavior is caused by the Windows file system, and we are currently investigating ways to resolve this issue.

How come BurnQuick doesn't allow me to select the Audio option?
The Audio option will be disabled (grayed-out) unless you have directly selected at least one compatible audio file. Directly selected means that you must select the file itself and not merely the Folder that contains it. A compatible audio file is any WAV or MP3 file of the correct 44.1Khs, 16 bit, stereo format that is standard for CD Audio. BurnQuick also recognizes .CDA files as audio files and will automatically extract them audio from the Audio CD for you.

Will BurnQuick let me copy one of my existing Audio CDs?
Yes. BurnQuick will let you make a copy of an Audio CD using either one or two drives. A single-drive copy will require up to 700 MB free on one of your computer's hard drives. BurnQuick will tell you if it cannot find enough free space for its temporary files. BurnQuick will extract the audio from the Audio CD just prior to burning it to the CD. There is no need to "rip" the tracks first. Just right-click on the drive letter and select BurnQuick to start the copy. 

Can BurnQuick "burn" audio files to re-writable media? Will they play in my player?
Yes to the first question and maybe to the second. BurnQuick will create CD-Audio disks on either CD-R or CD-RW media but many CD players are not capable of playing back the information when it is stored on CD-RW. We suggest that you experiment with your specific CD players.

Can BurnQuick let me burn to multiple disks? For example: Can I fill one disk and have BurnQuick automatically tell me to insert another disk to continue burning?
Yes. Starting with version 4.0, BurnQuick will allow you to select a set of files or folders that is larger than will fit on a single disc and it will burn those files to as many discs as are required. 

Why do I get an error 'WRITE Command Failed' when I try to burn my files?
This error is one we have come to associate with a buffer underrun OR with writing too fast for the media. It is usually always cured by selecting a lower writing speed. We recommend starting with a 4x or lower speed and working up from there. CD-RW media is also more susceptible to this sort of error. If you are burning many small files to disc, you may also find that setting the "Write image to disk before burning " option will correct this problem.

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