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BurnQuick has all of the features and capabilities that you expect to find in a CD/DVD burner plus the convenience of right-click access.
  • Copies Audio CDs - Automatically extracts and re-encodes track-by-track.
  • Single-drive copying - Use your CD burner to read and write in one operation.
  • Burns to CD and DVD - BurnQuick automatically selects the correct disc type.
  • Supports Disc Spanning - Perfect for Archiving entire folders to a set of discs.
  • Creates Audio CDs - Converts and burns MP3 and WAV files on-the-fly.
  • Supports "multi-session" Writing - Just keep adding files to the disc until it is full.
  • Long filename renaming - Suggests name and allows for automatic renaming.
  • Queue Burning - Add files and folders to the BurnQuick Queue to burn later.
  • Verify after burn - Double-check that those important files were written correctly.
  • Disc Naming - Give each disc a meaningful name.
  • Selectable writing speed - Avoid write errors caused by "maximum speed" burners.
  • Small memory "foot-print" - Quick startup means you can burn files sooner.
  • Erase Re-Writable Discs - Automatic and Menu selectable erase of CD-RW and DVD-RW.
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