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BurnQuick Screen Shots

BurnQuick attaches itself to Windows Explorer and can be launched from the pop-up right-click menu almost anywhere. Just select the files that you want to burn to CD and then right-click on any one of them. BurnQuick scans all selected files looking for potential problems. It provides a file renamer to handle filenames that exceed the maximum legal name length. BurnQuick is shown ready to write the data files that were selected by the right-click The automatic disc eraser will be displayed when BurnQuick detects a re-writable disc that has already had data written to it. You can also erase an entire disc using the built-in eraser. Right click on any of your CD-Rom icons and select the Erase Disc... command from the pop-up menu.
Burning an Audio CD is just as easy. Select the song files (MP3 or WAV) that you want to burn and then right-click to launch BurnQuick. You can also burn MP3 discs by selecting the Data disc-type option.
You can also use the right-click menu to add files to the BurnQuick Queue to burn later. This is a great way to select individual files from various folders located all over your computer
The BurnQuick Queue shows the files that will be burned and also displays the Data Disc size in bytes and the Audio CD length in minutes and seconds.
BurnQuick provides some advanced options that control how certain features behave. Bring up the advanced options by right-clicking on the BurnQuick title bar and then selecting Advanced Options from the pop-up menu.
Caption for screen shot
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