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What are the minimum system requirements?
You will need a Windows computer running Windows 95, 98, or ME and a compatible CD-ROM burner. For optimum operation you’ll need to have 600 Mb of free disk space on your main drive.

What picture formats does PicsToCD support?
PicsToCD supports the .JPG image format. This format is used by the majority of digital cameras and scanners out on the market today.

What CD Burners is PicsToCD compatible with?
To view a list of compatible CDROM writers, check our list of compatible CD-ROM writers on the compatibility page.

Can I use PicsToCD to edit pictures on my computer?
No. PicsToCD will allow you to rotate images only. This feature lets you compensate for digital pictures that may have been taken when the camera was rotated.

Can I use PicsToCD to remove images from my computer?
Yes. PicsToCD will let you remove pictures from your hard drive after you have added them to a CD Picture Album. This makes PicsToCD very useful for freeing up hard drive space once your images have been permanently burned to CDROM.

Do I need special software to view my picture albums?
No. PicsToCD creates the CD Picture Album in HTML format. This means you can view your picture album in any standard web browser.

What are the limitations of my evaluation copy of PicsToCD?
The evaluation version of PicsToCD is identical to the full version with the exception that the evaluation version of PicsToCD limits you to a two page CD Picture Album and it will replace every fifth picture in your album with a purchase reminder image.

Can I burn more than pictures with PicsToCD?
No. PicsToCD is specialized to burn images from your digital camera or scanner. It does not provide you with the ability to burn anything but .JPG image files to CDROM.

Is PicsToCD difficult to use? Does PicsToCD provide me with step-by-step help?
PicsToCD is designed to be simple to use. On-line help is available at every screen. Just press the F1 key or click on the help button. Click here to see what our users are saying. 

I don't know where all of my pictures are stored on my computer. How does PicsToCD find them?
PicsToCD will search your entire computer for pictures. There are other options available to search your entire network OR to just look in a particular folder. All pictures are displayed in a previewable list for your selection.

Can I use PicsToCD with my digital pictures that are stored on floppy disks?
Yes. PicsToCD provides a disk loading option that will easily allow you to move images from your floppy disk, to your hard drive.

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