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PicsToCD uses a simple six-step wizard to guide you through the Digital Picture selection and Album Burning process. Each step of the wizard asks for your input and provides instructions on how to proceed. PicsToCD will let you load pictures either from existing floppy disks or CDs. This is very helpful if you have a collection of Kodak picture disks that you need to convert to CD. It will also load pictures directly from your digital camera or scanner. All pictures are transferred to your computer for burning. You can provide a name for your picture album. This name will let you keep track of the pictures in the album. PicsToCD will search your entire computer for pictures. If you want you can also tell it to search in specific search folders. A built-in picture browser will let you select the pictures that you want to add to the album. The auto-zoom feature lets you quickly inspect individual pictures. Thumbnails can be shown in any of three sizes.
You can preview your album at anytime simply by clicking on the Preview button. When you are ready to create the album simply click on Next.
The Create Album screen lets you select your CD burner and other options. The CD burning process provides on-screen feedback at each stage of the process.
When your album is complete you can either burn another identical album, start over with a new album, or proceed on to view the album that you just created.
You can view your album on virtually any computer. PicsToCD uses the same web browsing capability to display its picture index as you use to browse the Internet. No need to install a separate viewer program.
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