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SongsToCD Ripper/Player/Burner is a program that lets you use your CD Burner to create your own "Mix" Audio CDs that you can play in any car or home CD player. SongsToCD will let you quickly and easily make your own Audio CDs featuring your favorite tracks. SongsToCD Ripper/Player/Burner also has features that will let you "rip" tracks from Audio CDs. It will even look up the title of each track in FreeDB (the largest free listing on CD information in the world).

Whether you're an old hand at burning CDs or a complete novice, SongsToCD Ripper/Player/Burner will have you making Audio CDs within minutes.

  • Extremely simple user interface. Click, Drag, and Burn. 
  • Burns MP3 files directly to CD. No need to convert them to WAVs first.
  • Built-in "ripper" features track preview and Internet Track Title lookup.
  • Built-in "player" reads and writes standard WinAMP playlists.
  • Built-in CD Label Maker lets you create labels and jewel case inserts too. 
  • Flexible search paths can search your entire network or just a selected directory for song files.

Your CD Burner came bundled with software that lets you make an Audio CD. Right? So you might be asking why you'd need SongsToCD? The answer is simple: because it's so easy to use . General purpose CD Burner software is notorious for its cryptic interfaces, technical jargon, and general difficulty of use. SongsToCD Ripper/Player/Burner was designed to do one thing, and do it simply and well, and that one thing is to create great sounding Audio CDs.


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